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Hello All:
Comrades,  At the last information meeting there was a request put out to the membership in  regards to forming a branch executive. As mentioned it is imperative to get people  that want their branch to succeed and who are willing to make tough business  decisions. Since putting the branch into trusteeship a number of changes have been put in  place and it is the intent that the members expressing interest in any position would  continue on with the operations as is as well as look for other ways to increase  revenues to the branch. It was also pointed out that to be considered for the positions of president, 1st and  2nd vice that members needed to have at least 1 year on executive in last 3 years to  qualify as per bylaws. Although this is the case, the first members would be  appointed by the trustee and we do not have to fulfill the bylaw requirement. The  appointed members would be required to attend management/executive meetings  as well as general info meetings. Down the road when we go to elections, the  membership would be asked to forgo this bylaw in order to let the current  management team stand for election. If you truly want your branch to continue on, I urge you to step forward and express  interest in any of the positions. Remember, skills can be learned and there is a lot of  support from command. As a recap here are the positions: President/Management Chair 1st Vice          2nd Vice         Treasurer        Recording Secretary 8 Executive at large which then would be appointed to committee chairs. The first four positions which are table officers are considered the most important  because they determine the overall success and health of any branch. We are trying  to ensure that this Legion continues on serving the community as it should and  ensuring our Veterans and their families get the support needed. If you want to be part of the success story that is the Aldergrove Legion, then please  forward your name and brief overview of how and why you could help your branch  along this successful road to recovery. You can submit your interest to Karen Kuzek at:   Karen.Kuzek@legionbcyukon.ca Thanks for your support of your branch. Respectfully, Jim Diack, Command Treasurer and Trustee Branch 265  Our mailing address is:  Royal Canadian Legion Branch #265 Aldergrove P.O. Box 145 Aldergrove, Bc V4W 2T7 Canada  Stop by and see what YOUR BRANCH has to offer. Copyright © 2017 Royal Canadian Legion Branch #265 Aldergrove, All rights reserved.   Web development by Brian, Kelly from